Our Reports


     A primary purpose of our coalition is to provide public comment back to the citizens of Lubbock as well as the Board of Health about the public health needs of our community. Below are various articles previously prepared for review by the Board of Health or developed to aid the coalition in understanding the issues. You will need Adobe Reader to view the files. 

     Resolution concerning public health and gun safety that was rejected by the City Manager Dec 2015

     Resolution concerning public health and the ability of the board to discuss issues Dec 2015

    Affordable Care Act: Understanding the Issues

     Board of Health Review

     Crisis In Health Care

     Death in the West

     Directory of Health and Health-Related Agencies in Lubbock

     If you Live in Lubbock: A Statistical Review

     Is Health an Essential Service?

     Uninsured in Texas: By the Numbers

    The Future of Public Health in Texas

     Healthy Chicago: Transforming the Health of our City

    Strengthening New York City's Public Health Infrastructure

    A tale of two health literacies: public health and clinical approaches to health literacy

    Optimizing Vaccine Availability and Utilization Position Statement of the American College
 of Preventative Medicine

    Key Health Data for Texas

     Operational Definition of a Functional Public Health Service

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