Meet the Coalition


      Membership in the Coalition is open to any interested citizen in our community or who holds expertise in the areas being discussed. If you are interested in joining our effort please contact Brian Carr at

Tommy Camden Environmental Health Services Administrator, San Antonio, TX

Brian D. Carr, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Secretary, City of Lubbock Board of Health

Naidu Chekuru, M.D. Member, City of Lubbock Board of Health

Juanema Christensen    Ex. Director Lubbock Crosby Garza County Medical Society

Clarke Cochran Vice-President, Covenant Health Systems

Anne Epstein, M.D. Member, City of Lubbock Board of Health

Karen Gordy, TTU FNP Program

Tavia Hatfield, Director of Community Outreach, Covenant Health Systems

Kae Hentges

Walt Huffman, J.D., Former Dean of the Law School, TTU 

Michelle McCulland, School of Nursing, TTU

Helen Morrow, Ph.D.

Lindsay Penrose, TTHSC

Sam Prien, TTHSC

Ted Reid, Ph.D.

Sharon Robinson, President Lubbock County Medical Society Alliance

Bruce Satterfield, R.N. BSN

Surendra Varma, M.D. Public Affairs Chairman, Lubbock County Medical Society

Rick Winn, M.D., TTHSC

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